Sports Day

the thing that i hate most in my school days is Sports Day. I don’t want to participate, even cheerleading to me is a really a stupid thing to do. I don’t hate sport, i like watching olympics or world cup once every four years, but to be part of  the competition is the most dreadful thing for me.

today i join my son’s school sports day. not a really formal one, just a hour and half and some simple tasks. the idea to play with my son with the others and to be watched by other parents and teachers, just scared me for a whole week. i know my son, he will lost control in such a excited event, and i will chasing him like a crazy woman.

so he did lost control today but i can still mange to calm down and help him to complete the task. (no running around and shouting like a idiot) not bad after all, but i do hate sports day and the fact is i must join or my son will really upset.

being a mother, u must do something u really hate, that is what i have learnt today.


I just really want to write this post in english, i don’t know why. and i know someone will eager to correct my grammar mistakes or re-write for me.


2 Responses to “Sports Day”

  1. 1 isle 一月 20, 2014 at 10:18 上午

    haha, 我想我都要接受為了女兒去作無謂的交際應酬了。所以我到宜家都未帶過佢去playgroup。

  2. 2 gwenzilla 三月 1, 2014 at 1:50 上午

    a lot of westerner can’t write english as good as non-mother-tonguer, so don’t worry about good or bad writing, just able to express yourself freely is the most important things!

    i write 爛 english too!


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